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pilates X carly

logo design

This project entails the creation of a distinctive and memorable logo for a fresh brand named "pilatesXcarly." The company specializes in offering modern Pilates instruction, emphasizing the fusion of contemporary approaches with the timeless principles of Pilates. The logo aims to encapsulate the brand's essence, reflecting its commitment to holistic well-being, body motion, and movement. Some key elements of this design include:

The icon features a stylized representation of the human body engaged in a Pilates pose. The design focuses on fluid lines and dynamic curves to evoke a sense of continuous movement and flexibility.

The logo is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms, maintaining its visual appeal in both digital and print formats.

The palette is bursting with vibrancy, featuring an array of energetic hues. These colors will inject a sense of enthusiasm and dynamism into the logo, mirroring the vitality associated with pilatesXcarly's approach to well-being.

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